Sunday, June 23, 2002

hello! haven't written anything in awhile. Let me see....yesterday I went to the city to meet up with my Umich people who live in the jersey area or who happen to just be around=) Ate, walked on 5th Ave, the usual.
So i really tried to not get involved in "Civilian affairs" and "to please my commanding officers" (2 Timothy2:1-7). Really cool bible study on in the previous night at College Group at Church. It managed to help change my mentality for the day, quite interesting on how I approached the day differently and even saw my sins more clearly.

So it's my last week in jersey and I'm going to make the most of it! I went to see The Bourne Identity. Good movie! Got me thinking, it was a little bit like Spy Game...the unfolding of a story.
ok i dunno what else to write, i'm bored!!! but i still have to do homework for Calc.

ok time to go bye bye!