Wednesday, June 19, 2002

i've had a good day today! piano lessons were good, lunch was yuuummy, visited my friend ben, went to class, my test went well, swam a lot, yep=) Not to mention I had an awesome time praying to God in my car tonight=) Strange? It was amazing, there's nothing like drawing close to our heavenly father anywhere. I'm just so thrilled by how he answers prayer and His grace for our sins. I was really reminded about His grace for our sins today, reminded to not think that we can't overcome habitual sins or that we should not NOT try to deal with them because we fail so much. To do that would deny the reason for the cross, or the power behind overcoming sin (Which Christ ultimately did!). yeah, counting down the days i'm leaving. so thrilled to see asia again=)
My friends continue to intrigue me (hehe pris=) love ya!)
Jon is doing well (He's my boyfriend if you didn't know=0) ). He's busy working for Credit Suisse First Boston, doing IT (computer) stuff and is continuing to impress the big guys=) yep!
ok i'm outtie, more later=)

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

So i've not been very good at posting daily! Well,these past few days i've been really psyched about going to Hong Kong and Taiwan! I can't believe I'm leaving in 10 days! There's so much to prepare still for this missions trips. I have to find cool pics for the topics we're teaching about.
Today I found one of my old mozart pieces and fell in love with it again when i "revived" it.=) I never realized how much music is part of my soul, it always was until I decided to leave my piano days behind in high school, partly because I moved to Hong Kong. So it's nice to pull back old pieces and to take lessons after so many years this summer. Cause music is me, not to mention i really miss singing too!!(Don't do enough of that these days)I still wish that I can one day sing Les Mis (Eponine's part) on broadway=) Got a snapshot of what that felt like in highschool, but the REAL THING would be cool=)
Eh, I'm tired. I'm going to sleep now cause I have a long day ahead of me. Calc test tomorrow, wohoooo! it's nice to know all i need is a C hehe:) ok. bye!