Saturday, June 15, 2002

Wow , time always flies so fast! I've just been struck with the thought again that God desires not quantity but quality. Yes we can do our quiet time and pray, but how much is it quality!? What is our attitude?? I think instead of asking myself did I do my quiet time today or pray to God today to instead ask, "Did I have a QUALITY quiet and prayer time today?" "Did I EXPERIENCE GOD today?". What a challenge. Sometimes I get too wrapped in what I got DONE than HOW it was done, where was my heart? Where was my mind?

So today, I'm just chilling at home trying to have a productive day.....trying not to be sucked up by evil idleness.

I got to eat a Zhong Zhi today, fillled with red bean, it's yummy! I'll be eating plenty of those in Taiwan probably=)

Well that's it for now, hopefully I'll back soon, being able to report all that I got accomplished today!

Friday, June 14, 2002

Yep, so i'm starting this because it's cool=) Thanks Christina for the idea!! It's great to be able to share my inspiring (or maybe not so inspiring thoughts) and life events with other people!
As of now I'm psyched about going on missions in Taiwan! I have been busy lately taking piano lessons, going to classes, teaching sunday school to 9th graders. But overall it's been a blessing.

It's amazing how God works in each of us and how he surrounds us. Who can deny the existence of God? Here we are, humans, trying to scrutinize and study the very things God has created...never being able to fully understand and learn all that is around us. Here we are, not even being able to comprehend how the universe is endless and that earth happens to be the perfect haven for humans. Who can deny that God created us for a purpose? It is sad to think the world is so deceptive, slowly tearing away at our souls...we are so a world of tyranny, anxiety, false securities, can many say :We are not afraid for God is with us? . We must hold on to the truth, for when we die all else fades away....we are a mere midst, not knowing when we will pass. We have to stop striving for endless pursuits and wandering aimlessly. I hope that we may all strive towards our eternal purpose on earth.